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Antonis Mantzoros - Bass, Dimitris Zazirei
- Vocals, George Raftopoulos - Guitars, Nick Patsis - Drums

Great VoyageR is a greek heavy metal band founded in late 2012 in Nikaia, Piraeus by Antonis Mantzoros. He started to compose music in 2011 for a then unknown project, which set the foundation for the band's creation.

Influenced by NWBHM and more generally by the british rock and metal music scene, the goal of Voyager has always been to leave their mark on the international discographic and touring map.

However, until now it has been difficult to form a permanent lineup due to constant member changes. There have been some heavy transitional periods throughout the years, which had a toll almost leading to the dissolvement of the band in 2015.

Nevertheless, there have also been creative periods during that time, for instance the release of the first demo version of Belphegor in 2014 and a live performance as support to Skyclad during that same year. During the search for members, which ultimately led to the current lineup, Great VoyageR released their first promo tape in 2018 titled "Set Sail", as well as several live local appearances.

The band has changed their name from “VoyageR” to “Great VoyageR” during the year 2022. It also marks the achievement of an important milestone, as they have finished recording their debut album named after the band.

Alive, strong and always moving forward, Great VoyageR will continue to chase the goals and dreams, which were the inspiration for their creation.

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